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Faqtum International AB is one of the world’s leading providers of company valuations. We offer the most time and cost-efficient independent business valuations on the market today, with easy-to-understand high quality reports for only EUR 995.

Proffessional and accurate

Using key financial information, our experienced analysts give professional and scientific valuations of companies based on their forecasted distributable earnings. All types of companies can be valued.

If you would like to establish whether your business is in good health and moving in the right direction, or if you are thinking of buying or selling a company, if you need financial data for changes in partnerships, tax issues or inheritance or for any other reason, we can help. We have many years of experience as a professional independent source with highly skilled and knowledgeable analysts. Reports are delivered both confidentially and quickly.

Our valuation reports can be used in following situations:

  • Ownership Disputes
  • Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Marriage Dissolution
  • ESOP Valuation
  • IRS & Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Joint Venture
  • Equity Infusion
  • Borrowing Justification

    Valuation report

    Valuation Reports

    Each company can be valued either according to local currency or any other currency, dollar or euro being the most common. The valuation shows the total current value of the company, the value per share and the proportion of the value of future yields and net worth.

    See an example of a business appraisal report ».

    Financial data

    Before a valuation can take place Faqtum will need to access financial information about the company to be valued.

    We have access to 50 international financial databases and can often supply data which is needed for the analysis of over 55 million companies.

    These include:

    • over 57,000 publicly quoted companies worldwide
    • over 31,500 banks and over 8,000 insurance companies
    • over 24.5 million European companies from 46 countries
    • over 18 million US and Canadian companies
    • over 5.8 million South and Central American companies
    • over 5.7 million companies in the Far East and Central Asia (mainly Japan, Korea, China)
    • over 300,000 African companies
    • nearly 60,000 companies in Oceania
    • over 47,000 companies in the Middle East.

    If the financial information has not been made public we can still perform a valuation if the client can provide us with some key financial information. Typically, the last three to five annual accounts will need to be passed to the Faqtum International AB Analysis Department for use in the valuation.


    Faqtum International AB has access to company information, and in many cases financial information, in following countries:

    France, Russia, Spain, Italy, Romania, UK, Belgium, Sweden, Portugal, China, Hungary, Japan, Ireland South Korea, Norway, Finland, Germany, Czech Republic, USA, Poland, Estonia, Serbia, Denmark, Greece, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Slovakia, Lithuania, Iceland, Saudi Arabia, Latvia, India, Singapore, Luxembourg, Australia, Taiwan, Austria, Switzerland, Brazil, Chile, Argentina,South Africa, Hong Kong, Canada, Mexico, Turkey, Slovenia, Virgin Islands, Croatia, Ukraine


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