Free Business Appraisal Calculator

Business Appraisal Calculator

Below is a free business appraisal calculator which consists of some really advanced algoritms, you must try it to believe how accurate it actually is. If you find the below financial terms too complicated we recommend the simple business valuation calculator instead, which is designed to be easy. The algoritms combines your financial input with some key ratios on listed companies within the industry you choose. The algoritm also performs a cash flow analysis on the company based on your inpus.

Free Business Appraisal

Fill in the form below to perform a free business appraisal. The result will be posted immediately after pressing “estimate value”. You can estimate your business value for free as many times as you want in the below business valuation calculator. If you want to find out more about what valuation methods and formulas we have used, you can read about these here ».

Business appraisal calculator

If you need instructions for the business appraisal calculator, you can find those here ».

Business appraisal calculator
FY0 = Last Financial Year
FY1 = Current Financial Year
FY2 = Current Financial Year plus 1 year

Year: FY0 FY1 FY2 FY3 FY4 FY5
1. Sales:
2. EBITDA margin in %:
3. Depreciation LY:
4. Annual investments (CAPEX) LY:
5. Current assets LY:
6. Short term debt LY:
7. Net debt LY:
8. Size of business (in sales):
9. Industry:

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