Small business valuation calculator

Below is a free step by step guide and business valuation calculator on how to value your business. If you are familiar with financial terms such as EBITDA and current assets, we recommend the advanced business appraisal calculator.

What is the value of your business?

To estimate the value of your small business, please fill in the form below. The result will be posted immediately after pressing “estimate value”. You can perform the small business valuation as many times as you want for free. If you are curious on business valuation methods used and how we determine the value of your company, you can can read about determining business value here.

Business valuation calculator

If you need instructions for the business valuation calculator, you can find these here: small business valuation instructions ».

Business valuation calculator

1. Sales Last Year (LY):
2. Forecast sales Current Year (CY):
3. Forecasted annual sales growth CY + 5 yrs, eg. 5% (CAGR): %
4. EBIT, LY:
5. Forecast EBIT, CY:
6. Depreciation, LY:
7. Size (in sales):
8. Industry: